Color Mixing & The Art of Tone Value & Scheme

Mundos de Mestizaje (detail) by Frederico Vigil

The Torréon Fresco: Mundos de Mestizaje

This past summer, Artist's Magazine contributing writer Judith Fairly visited Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read about its vibrant art scene in Fairly's article, "Eye on Albuquerque," in the January/February 2012 issue of The Artist's Magazine. In the meantime, enjoy this bonus article about The Torréon Fresco in Albuquerque.


Learn the Characteristics of Pigments

Paint, whether used to cover a house, an automobile or a canvas, derives its color from powdered pigments, each with its unique set of attributes. The medium I work in—traditional, pure egg tempera—must be made from scratch. Because of this, I work on a daily basis with powdered pigments, an experience that has given...