Color Mixing & The Art of Tone Value & Scheme


The Color Red | A Pastel Valentine

In the 14th century, Chaucer solidified the Valentine's Day's association to love when he composed a poem in honor of the engagement of England’s King Richard II. By the 18th century, the holiday had evolved into an occasion for the exchanging of handmade cards, a custom that spread to the American colonies. Today, the...

The Irish grandparents from Tom, a story based on dePaola’s childhood.

Putting on a Show | Tomie dePaola

An old friend of Tomie’s, Will Hillenbrand, the author and illustrator of award-winning books like What a Treasure!, Traveling to Tondo, Spring Is Here, and Louie!, first met Tomie 27 years ago when Will and his wife, Jane, attended the opening reception for a show of dePaola’s work in Nashua, New Hampshire. The next...

1 Palette Mixing

Three Ways to Mix Watercolours

When you’re passionate about something, it feels good to have something tangible in your hands to browse in your spare time, because while it doesn’t feel like work, it’s still honoring what you love: cooking, for example, and of course, art...

Graydon-Parrish-Munsell Workshop-Spheres1.jpg

Rational Color Theory

What can an attendee expect to learn about Albert Munsell's color theory at Graydon Parrish's workshop at the the Greand Central Academy of Art? Artist and attendee Louise B. Hafesh describes her experience.