Colored Pencil


Touchable Textures in Colored Pencil

In colored pencil, underpainting involves first tinting the paper surface with the subject’s light, underlying color. To do this, you apply solvent or water. This is a technique that doesn’t destroy the tooth of the paper, so you can create, with subsequent layers in colored pencil, visually tactile textures and other effects—from the illusion...

Evening Egret, oil painting by Matthew M. Schulz

The Allure of the Wild

There’s something intriguing about wild animals that make them a tempting subject for drawing. One reason is that wild animals are mysterious, especially those that seem exotic to us. Another reason is they’re simply beautiful. Sometimes their beauty puts a high price on them, which brings up a third reason: conservation awareness. And we...


If You Want To Be An Artist

“If you want to be an artist, you have no choice but to be driven,” proclaims colored pencil artist Megan Seiter. Just in case you missed the feature article by Naomi Ekperigin on Seiter’s work in Drawing magazine earlier this year (Winter 2013), here’s a snippet from it!


Some Like it Hot | Colored Pencil Art Sizzles

I can’t stop looking at Arlene Steinberg’s painting, Paradise Dreams (below; colored pencil and water-soluble crayons on heated paper, 12x12). Each time I flip through my newest issue of The Artist’s Magazine, I seem to stop on this page and stare, enjoying the color and depth of this image. At first the abstract quality...