Colored Pencil

The Art of Preserving Your Memories

Art is much more than a pretty picture framed and hanging on the wall. I love the comment that “Good art doesn’t match your couch!” That's so true, for art goes much further than a mere decoration. Art is a statement. It tells us what to feel. It evokes something emotional...

Handmade Gifts of Art

It started as a simple colored pencil demo on how to make shiny, brightly colored items. Jelly beans seemed the perfect subject, so I started the drawing, just for fun, and just for a demo piece. I never expected it to amount to much, other than a good lesson on colored...

Suede board for drawings and paintings

Colored Pencil Bliss

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching a five-day seminar on “The Joys of Colored Pencil.” While that may have been the topic of the class, the true joy came to me through the wonderful group of people I had attending. It was an incredible experience.

Paint Flowers in Colored Pencil

How to Draw Flowers What is it about flowers that makes us want to draw and paint them over again? Well, there’s the color of course! Add in form and shape, and the fact that no two flowers are ever exactly alike, and you have an ideal subject for your paintings. And...

Karen A. Klein: Cabinets Of Curiosity

Beginning in 16th century Europe, objects of interest were collected in "cabinets of curiosities" or "rooms of wonder." Recently Karen Anne Klein has been decorating her own cabinets with panels painted to depict various phenomena.

Touchable Textures in Colored Pencil

In colored pencil, underpainting involves first tinting the paper surface with the subject’s light, underlying color. To do this, you apply solvent or water. This is a technique that doesn’t destroy the tooth of the paper, so you can create, with subsequent layers in colored pencil, visually tactile textures and other...