Art Composition: Golden Mean Point Perspective Linear & More

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Pastel Pointers | Compositional Intrigue

Producing a pleasing composition is often much harder to accomplish when painting en plein air versus painting in the studio from photographic material. Being surrounded by the vastness and complexity of a natural setting can provide a degree of intimidation as well as unlimited visual distractions, while the photograph is safe and contained.


Amplify Visual Impact with Contrasting Elements

In some drawings, ordinary objects seem to take on distinctive roles, thereby bringing a work to life. The secret behind this transformation and resulting dynamism may be just a simple matter of contrasting elements. There are many types of contrast and juxtaposition you can use to make your work more engaging. In this article...


Painting the Daylight | Complementary Colors

This is all well and good for night scenes, but what about daytime scenes? A compressed value scale is still important, but rather than weighting the scale to the dark end, weight it more to the middle. (We rarely see true darks in daytime.) When you start to paint, mix your lightest mixture first...


Master the Illusion of Brilliance | Juxtapose Color

Just as the manipulation of values can accentuate light, the juxtaposing of colors can dramatically increase the illusion of brilliance.The Impressionists were masters at creating a sense of light by using color cleverly. If you examine their paintings, you’ll see that the trick really comes down to the effective use of complements and near...