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Your New Year Pastel Resource | Pastel Journal February 2015 Issue Preview

Don’t miss this new year pastel resource! The February 2015 issue of Pastel Journal features pastel techniques and instruction for how to: paint animals. develop your artistic voice. embrace the experience of painting in new locales. train the right side of your brain. and more! Watch our video preview link below for a sneak peek, and you’ll see paintings by cover...

The Morning Gate, Essaouira (pastel) by Aaron Schuerr

Moroccan Memories | Aaron Schuerr Pastels

A trip to Morocco confirmed pastel artist Aaron Schuerr‘s belief in the power of art to bridge languages, cultures and even time. In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the artist’s chance encounter with a village elder who patiently insisted on being captured on canvas resulted in a “lousy” painting, but an unforgettable experience. “It reminded me that art...

cropped Art and inspiration from Lee Hammond

Art is Life

I admit, there are times I question why I keep producing drawing after drawing, painting after painting. I don’t exhibit or sell things in galleries. I do most of my work for these two reasons.

Siren Song (oil, 23k gold leaf and composition gold leaf on panel, 48x60)

December Artist of the Month | Steven DaLuz

I developed a process using composition gold leaf, copper leaf, chemically-induced patinas, oil and other mixed media. As light passes through the glazes of oil, it bounces off the underlying metal leaf, creating a glow that appears to come from within the painting. At first glance, the paintings look normal. The...