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I’m Listening

Sometimes in life you get called by your inner voice to investigate other things. You can either stay put, in the comfort of “what already is,” or venture out into the great unknown. Thankfully, due to my publishers and this blog, I can take you along on the journey.

Panther drawing in colored pencil for the Friends of Florida Panther Organization

Creating Art With a Purpose

Having a calling as an artist is a true gift. Your inner drive to create beautiful things is such an awesome feeling. But the ability to do good things in this world with your art is even better. Looking back over my career, I can honestly say that I've lived a full life, creating...

acrylic painting by Patti Mollica

Bold, Breakthrough Discoveries

It stands to reason that the more you do something, the better you’ll get. Writing stories, playing music, and drawing/painting are the first three examples that come to my mind. For today’s newsletter, I’ve invited Patti Mollica, a workshop teacher for GOLDEN Artist Colors, to share the reasons that she paints daily so that...