Drawing Techniques: How to Draw People Animals Landscapes & More


Fundamental Drawing Strategies

Whether you emphasize line or value in your drawings (or both), applying some fundamental drawing strategies to your process will help you enrich your drawing skills and improve your results. Leading figurative artist Jon deMartin offers some tips and tricks you can use regardless of subject or medium…   Choosing Your Orientation Before you begin drawing, you...

watercolor_cat_eyeingthe-goldfish_maimon | artistsnetwork.com

Cats in Charcoal | Yael Maimon Sketches and Paintings

Observational sketching in charcoal is the means by which watercolorist Yael Maimon captures the lifelike feline gestures seen in her watercolors. Using a mixture of gestural lines and tonal masses, Maimon is able to imply a narrative and situate the cat subjects in an illusionistic pictorial space. Because charcoal is a versatile medium, it’s...