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cropped charcoal drawing by Timothy W Jahn

Do Drawings Have An Expiration Date?

We know that drawing is as much a part of our nature as our desire for warmth and water. We can go to a museum and see works that were painted hundreds of years ago and be moved to tears with their beauty and the connection we feel with the artists who painted them.


Drawing: Fall 2014 Table of Contents

We’re happy to announce that the fall 2014 issue of Drawing is now available, and as usual, it’s full of practical advice and inspiring artwork. Click here to purchase or download the new issue, or click here to subscribe to the magazine. The full lineup of articles: New Realities: The Many Faces of James Valerio We talk...


Lessons From a Bizarre Master

The fall issue of Drawing brings to our attention an overlooked artist from the Baroque era: Giovanni Battista Bracelli. Bracelli’s greatest achievement was a series of etchings called “Bizzarie di Varie Figure,” in which figures are inventively constructed out of geometrical forms, objects, and materials. In the article, John A. Parks tells the story of Bracelli’s career (or what...