Landscape Painting: Techniques & Tutorials


A Head for the Hills | Robin Purcell Watercolor Landscapes

“I was probably warped by doing paint by numbers as a child,” quips Robin Purcell, alluding to the intriguing patchwork-like quality and bold colors of her engaging watercolors. “My painting style is all about editing the shapes I see in nature to make a statement about the movement. It’s important to observe them from life...


Plein Air Palettes

Feeling mischievous? Ask a group of painters what colors are best for a plein air palette—then sit back and enjoy the show! But, as Michael Chesley Johnson explains, there are some basic considerations when selecting a palette for painting en plein air.

Morning - small featured

Online Gallery: Rachel Burgess

In the winter issue of Drawing magazine, we introduce Rachel Burgess ( and her monotype landscapes that are simultaneously subtle and substantial, exploring the potency of memory through visions of nature. Here we’re happy to present a larger sample of the artists work. To see even more, visit the artist’s website, and download or purchase your copy...