Learn Abstract Painting Using Top Techniques & Ideas


Introduction to Encaustics

Landscape Painting with Wax: It’s So Easy! Learn how to paint an abstract landscape using encaustics. If you’ve never painted with wax before, this medium has some exciting possibilities that makes it both fun (and easy) to work with, as well as creating some really cool effects. In Encaustic Adventure with Bela Fidel (Parts...

Mixed media abstract art

Rebels Against the Grain of Society

With 40 years of painting and teaching under his belt, Dean Nimmer has recently come out with a book that speaks to those of us who look at things a little more deeply than some. Creating Abstract Art: Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art-Making, includes exercises on abstract art for beginners (and those with...

Rusty Window, abstract painting by Sue St John

Zen and the Art of, Well, Art!

There’s a special state of mind that we can achieve while tapping into our creativity and expressing it via painting, drawing, or other means. Those who don’t allow themselves to experiment with creative endeavors may think it sounds crazy, but I bet you can relate. When we find that space, all else disappears and...