Learn Seascape Art: How to Paint the Ocean Waves & Boats

cropped seascape-painting-by-Johannes-Vloothuis-072015

Insight on Painting Seascapes

Seascapes are probably the easiest painting subject because the information is quite repetitive. Once you learn the anatomy of the waves, you can create many variances of them in different settings. In most cases the eye of the wave becomes the focal point. It is also important to establish an interesting visual “roller coaster”...


A Less-Is-More Approach for Painting Atmospheric Sea and Sky Landscapes | Hazel Soan

In her new book, The Artist’s Color Guide: Watercolor—Understanding Palette, Pigments and Properties, artist and best-selling author Hazel Soan explores each color of the rainbow—chapter by chapter—to help you select, mix and combine color with confidence to create your own radiant watercolor paintings. Here she shares how she employs blue and a less-is-more approach...

Impressionism: on the water

Impressionists on the Water

Impressionists on the Water has a cover seemingly expansive enough to step right through it and onto the grass into Monet's idyllic painting "Le bassin d'Argenteuil." Not all of the art in this book is idyllic though--it seems that water and its channels have been used to describe nearly every mood and temperament available...