Mixed Media


Stencil Girl: Mixed Media Art Techniques

Mixed Media Made Magnificent! We bet you haven’t had a chance to check out these really cool videos from the Stencil Girl herself, Mary Beth Shaw. But we also know that once you do, you’re going to be so excited by all the possibilities that using stencils can afford you, whether you work in...

Making Art a Practice

Making Art a Practice

Cat Bennett's new book isn't really about actual pipes, even if the title is Making Art a Practice: 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe (How to be the Artist You Are). Instead, the title is a reference to Magritte's famous "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" painting, where a pipe is used as a vehicle...

At the 2008 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market © a Polished Eye. All rights reserved.

International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe

Perched on top of Museum Hill in Santa Fe, NM is a yearly festival called The International Folk Art Market. It's brilliant with color and ripe with international artists excited to show you their craft, all impressive and masterful. This year was my second attending, but it was no less exciting. The art...

Masquerade of Wits by Lisa Cyr

Lisa L. Cyr: Embrace Inspiration, by Neely McLaughlin

Lisa L. Cyr’s mixed-media fantasy-inspired work invites the viewer to participate in her imaginative vision. That vision inspires both Cyr’s paintings and her desire to encourage others in creative pursuits. “Create from the heart, innovate without boundaries, strive for greatness and speak to the culture in ways that inspire and motivate,” she says, explaining,...

by Charles Ritchie, www.charlesritchie.com 
Early Evening
2007–2011, watercolor, graphite, and Conté, 4 x 6.

Charles Ritchie Online Gallery

Charles Ritchie, one of the featured artists in the spring 2013 issue of Drawing, has spent decades creating a vast, fascinating, and reflective body of work centered around his home, studio, and neighborhood in Maryland. Many of his works include writing detailing the artist’s dreams, thoughts, and daily life. Here, enjoy a few more...