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Oil Painting Special Issue: New Realism

The Artist’s Magazine presents New Realism: Contemporary Takes on the Figure, a 116-page curated collection of the best portrait and figure oil painting tips, step-by-step demonstrations and professional advice from today’s hottest oil painters. Their portrait and figure work represent a renewed commitment to realism and representation in painting today. Traditionally trained, these artists put their own...


August 2016 Artist of the Month | Cap Pannell

Congratulations to our August 2016 Artist of the Month, Cap Pannell! Pannell was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! His piece Winter Afternoon at White Rock Lake can be seen below. Read more about Pannell and why he would rather be called a painter than an artist. Dallas, Texas ~ cappannell.com I started drawing when...


July 2016 Artist of the Month | Tong Luo

Congratulations to our July 2016 Artist of the Month, Tong Luo! Luo was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! His piece Lonely Girl can be seen below. Read more about Luo, his art education, what he tries to accomplish with his vision, and who has been a constant source of inspiration throughout his life. Guangzhou,...

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Painting Rocks in Oil by Albert Handell

Painting rocks, for me, is, in part, a matter of contrasts and harmonized similarities. Contrasts can consist of lights and darks; large and smaller areas; and sharp edges, lost edges and all edges in-between. Then there are the textural contrasts of the paint itself.

"Party Bags" by Jaye Schlesinger

Jaye Schlesinger: In the Bag

Jaye Schlesinger paints still lifes in oil that feature the modern-day symbols of brand names, logos and consumer products so we can see them with new eyes and gain a better understanding of ourselves.

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Plein Air Profile | Artist Kevin Macpherson

The following is a guest blog post by Cindy Salaski, author of Oil Painting with the Masters: Essential Techniques from Today’s Top Artists. Here, she profiles Kevin Macpherson, who teaches readers how to create a dynamic landscape painting by using bold brushstrokes in Oil Painting with the Masters. Kevin Macpherson majored in illustration at Northern...