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IAPS 2011 master pastel demonstrations

New Art Videos | Pastel Masters Demonstrate Their Skillls

Three definite highlights of last spring's International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Convention were the live painting demonstrations with three of today's pastel legends: Albert Handell, Elizabeth Mowry and Richard McKinley. Anybody who has had the privilege of watching these artists in action, as I have, knows that it is a magical experience.

PAstel by Richard McKinley

Pastel Pointers | The Limits of Photography for Painters

As I was cleaning out the studio the other day, I ran across a page from an article I’d saved from a February 2006 issue of Time Magazine. The article, “Twilight of the Bad Boy,” was about artist David Hockney. Many years ago, I was fortunate to see an exhibit of his work in...

shipping pastel paintings

Pastel Pointers | Shipping Pastel Paintings, Part 1

Pastel artists have to face the inevitable day when they must package their precious pastel paintings for shipment and place them in the hands of a package carrier for delivery. To ensure safe transport, no matter the media, there are certain packaging standards that every artist should follow, such as extra cushioning space around...

Pastel Journal, April 2012 | your ultimate creative resource

Pastel 100 Winners List

View the list of artists whose work was selected among the top Pastel 100 works in the 13th annual competition. This year’s winners were selected from nearly 3,000 entries by a team of outstanding jurors and the Pastel Journal editorial staff.

Summer Driftwood | pastel

Gallery | Pastel 100 Jurors Showcase

This year's Pastel 100 competition jurors (Margaret Dyer, Dawn Emerson, Cecily Kahn, Richard McKinley and Peter Seltzer) have just over 150 years of experience in art-making, inspiration and creativity among them, so they know a thing or two about painting. Enjoy an online-exclusive gallery of their works here.

pastel pointers about edge variety

Pastel Pointers | The Art of Edges in Our Paintings

Any creative who’s trying to depict reality—whether an author, sculptor or painter—must try to master the art of illusion. One of the most useful tools an artist can use to produce this magic is the manipulation of edges. The dictionary definition of “edge” is the line where an object or area begins or ends:...