Still Life Painting & Composition: Fruit Vegetables Vases & More


The Art of Food: Good Enough to Eat!

Everyone loves food, right? The smell, the taste, the look of your favorite food is just irresistible. Who can stop themselves from enjoying a tart and juicy apple, the smell of freshly baked bread, sweet and crunchy candy or a refreshing salad? I can’t! We get to see amazing art with our competition books and sometimes...


Let the Drama Unfold | Jerzy Moscicki Pastels

The shelves in Jerzy Moscicki’s humble studio overflow with masses of beautiful fabrics, as well as antique glassware, bowls, vases, teapots and other treasures that the artist uses for his pastel still life paintings. He often sets these shimmering silks, embroidered fabrics, sumptuous fruits and decorative objects against stark backgrounds to create dramatic arrangements that...


3 Oil Painters to Fall in Love With

Through our Over 60 Competition, we’ve had the pleasure of getting know so many amazing, inspiring artists, some of which are coming back to art after a period away, or picking up the practice after retirement. Learn more below from 3 of our favorite oil painters, each with their own unique process and story. John...


June 2016 Artist of the Month | Soon Warren

Congratulations to our June 2016 Artist of the Month, Soon Warren! Warren was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! Her piece Hearts in Heart is seen below. Read more about the artist below and why she considers creating art more than just a job. Fort Worth, Texas ~ I have loved to...

The Coca Cola Bottle at 100

Corresponding About Inspiration with Acrylic Artist Alvin Richard

In the summer issue of Acrylic Artist we feature artist Alvin Richard who shares his most unique method of art instruction—correspondence. After seeing a painting by Lloyd Fitzgerald, Richard was so inspired he wrote to Fitzgerald and soon a 10 year correspondence was born between artist and student. Now, the student has talents and skills he is...

"Party Bags" by Jaye Schlesinger

Jaye Schlesinger: In the Bag

Jaye Schlesinger paints still lifes in oil that feature the modern-day symbols of brand names, logos and consumer products so we can see them with new eyes and gain a better understanding of ourselves.