Watercolor Art: How to Techniques Painting & Landscapes

watercolor landscape_Literary Walk Summer_Carole McDermott | artistsnetwork.com

Central Park Watercolors | Carole McDermott Gallery

Carole McDermott uses the suggestive powers of watercolor—its ability to veil, drip and flow—to summon a sense of romance and joy in her New York City Central Park watercolors. She combines precise draftsmanship and accurate perspectives with open brushwork and adventurous paint. This handling creates works that describe specific places, but which remain suggestive and...

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Jean Haines’ 3 Color Flow Exercises

“The simple art of applying color to paper is enjoyable when there are no high expectations from the results.” —Jean Haines Haines is an author, international workshop instructor and award-winning expressive watercolor artist whose East-meets-West painting style has been exhibited in a number of galleries and collected throughout the world. She shares 3 simple...