Watercolor Art: How to Techniques Painting & Landscapes


Painting the Town | Watercolor Cityscapes by Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

Subtle pops of color punctuate the gray streets of Pablo Rubén López Sanz‘s large-scale watercolor cityscapes, enticing us to view the world anew. The Spanish artist says that because he only paints landscapes and cityscapes, “travel offers the best way to find new subjects. All of my paintings are based on places to which I’ve actually...


Painting Large | David Firmstone Watercolor Landscapes

For British artist David Firmstone, working large—often in the 3- to 4-feet range—opens the door to creative techniques not usually associated with watercolors. He has received international recognition for his extremely large watercolor landscapes and seascapes that, while clearly rooted in reality, have a dreamlike, sometimes unsettling, quality. Painting large opens the door to the...


Watercolor Tutorial with Judy Betts

This demonstration is from “Chords of Color” by Holly Davis in the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine. “Chords of Color” By Judy Betts “First, an idea!” as Rex Brandt would say. You must have a passion for the subject you paint. As children, my sister and I shared a horse, and my husband and I...