2007 NWS Winners

Here are the paintings that won top honors.   

National Watercolor Society Purchase Award with Silver Star: Fresh Sushi (watercolor, 40×40) by Nicholas Simmons


Jack Richeson Purchase Award: Victoria Station (watercolor, 26×37) by John Salminen

NWS Past President’s Award: Summer Holiday (watercolor, 23×381/4) by Scott Zupanc

Winsor & Newton Award and Plaque: Obsession (watercolor, 22×36) by Paul Jackson

NWS Memorial Award: Heart to Heart (watercolor, 23×28) by Donna Zagotta

Airfloat Systems Award: Sunol Shadows (watercolor, 22×30) by Carolyn Lord


Janet Hilford Memorial Award: Blue Monolith (watercolor, 35×22) by Mark Mehaffey

Milford and Patricia Zornes Award: Marathon Florida Keyes (watercolor, 22×30) by Frank Francese

The Artist’s Magazine Award: Paper Dolls, the Unexpected (watercolor, 20×25) by Sandi Dalessandro

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