25 Under 40

To read “25 Under 40,” see the March 2007 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear with the article.

Bright Tank on Dean (oil, 30×24) by Dylan Williams

The End (acrylic, wood stain, ink, correction fluid and graphite on panel, 36×36) by Matthew Conradt

Red Identity (mixed-media on pressboard, 24×24) by Anna Solcaniova King

Wallace (oil, 40×30) by Amy Ringholz

Sausalito Morning (oil, 16×20) by Brian Mark Taylor

Self Portrait (oil on linen, 62×34) by Stephen John Celuch

North Avenue Bridge Drift (oil and enamel on panel, 30×30) by Kariann Fuqua

Central Park (pastel, 11×18) by Andrew McDermott

Handling Serpents #2 (graphite on paper, 9?x7?) by Rob Matthews

Untitled (acrylic, silkscreen and collage, 10×8) by Ryan Little

Underneath My Skin (colored pencil, 18 1/8 x 16 1/8) by Alexandra Bastien

Crossing Point (acrylic, charcoal and spray paint on gesso board panels, 48×108) by Chris Vance

Portrait of a Young Man (oil, 18×24) by Dana Levin

Drawing Study IV (graphite, acrylic and ink on paper, 8×8) by Carissa Barnard

Portrait of Stephanie (oil, 72×52) by Clintel Steed

Cathedral (oil on Masonite, 20×16) by Leah Waichulis

Backlit Self (oil on linen, 54×42) by Peter van Dyke

Beacon and Summit (acrylic, 8×6) by Jeffrey Swaluk

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