Abstract/Experimental Honorable Mentions from the 28th Annual Art Competition

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Abstract/Experimental Honorable Mentions from The Artist’s Magazine‘s 28th Annual Art Competition

Honorable Mention
Carol Staub

Somerset, New Jersey, and Port St. Lucie, Florida • carolstaub.com

Subliminal Thoughts No. 1 (acrylic, 22x30) by Carol Staub
Subliminal Thoughts No. 1 (acrylic, 22×30) by Carol Staub

Carol Staub strives for freedom of expression and persistently experiments to make her work fresh and vivid. Turning to art after she had retired, Staub made and sold jewelry until a friend introduced her to watercolor. The beauty of the colors on a sheet of paper was dazzling, and Staub stayed with watercolor until she found acrylic paints. Acrylics offer her a more immediate painting experience, and using mediums and collaged elements expands her intentions. Subliminal Thoughts was a product of a state of repose that the artist describes with a coined word, Zenful


Honorable Mention
Jonathan Gibson

Cincinnati, Ohio • www.gibsonimaging.net

Carrier #1 (mixed media collage, 48x40) by Jonathan Gibson
Carrier #1 (mixed media collage, 48×40) by Jonathan Gibson

Carrier #1 shows how Jonathan Gibson reinterprets collage, a process originating in the last century, which represents the dynamic confusion of contemporary life. Gibson’s technique utilizes photographic and digital imaging unavailable to the Cubists and the Futurists, who sought to expand the parameters of painting to reveal the instability of visual truths in a changing world. The modernists ripped images from printed sources; Gibson uses a camera and digital software to capture, explode and recombine figural elements that are hand-collaged on board with acrylic mediums, as well as flourishes of pencil marks and paint. Gibson says, “Smash representation and abstraction together, and my work is the aftermath.”

Honorable Mention
Karen Scharer

Estes Park, Colorado • www.scharerfineart.com

Resolve (oil, 36x60) by Karen Scharer
Resolve (oil, 36×60) by Karen Scharer

Karen Scharer, who has a degree in forestry, lives and works in the vicinity of Rocky Mountain National Park. Her paintings are intuitive, spontaneous responses to the glories of nature. Having painted with acrylics for a long time, Scharer now finds more liberation working in oils. Resolve was a picture that literally resolved itself from the moment of its inception. Painted in the winter with a palette of blues, browns and golds that evoke the snows and dried vegetation of that season, the picture has strokes of red that warm a cold environment. Resolve has a bold, strong and direct effect, resulting from a sense of determination the artist says she was feeling at that time.

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