Art En Route

Artists all over the world are creating artistamps to show off their art, decorate their correspondence or dress up gallery invitations. These postage-stamp look-alikes are meant to be sent and dreamed up by anyone who loves to make art and share it.

Part of the “mail art” movement, involving creations exchanged via the postal system’s medium of delivery, with artistamps even the envelope becomes a work of art, embellished with everything from drawings and rubber-stamped images to collage. Often accompanied by cleverly mimicked “cancellations,” artistamps sometimes defy their governmental counterparts while still adhering to federal regulations that prevent their use as illegal substitutes.

Typically produced in limited-edition multiple sheets, artistamps are hand-drawn, rubber-stamped, photocopied or offset printed on gummed paper. To further identify them as stamps (not stickers), artists represent imaginary countries, include numbers with their images and get their stamps perforated (by a printing company or sewing machine) or suggest the effect with computer-generated dots.

An elected member of American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society, Kastner has served as Juror of Awards for American Watercolor Society, Chairperson for the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition and Grants Chairman of the Evergreen Area Council for the Arts.

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