Art Journaling Basics

Before I knew I was an artist I was already keeping an art journal. I?m on my 26th such journal created over the span of 18 years, but it was years before I met anyone else who kept a journal the way that I did?I keep pictures, sketches and clippings in my “journal.” Finding other artists who record their creative life in books has opened my eyes to new ways to use my art journals to enhance my art.

The most valuable thing about an art journal from a creative point of view is having a permanent place to record your inspirations in their infancy where they don?t yet need to be perfect. I use my art journals to work through creative issues, exploring subject matter that I don?t yet have enough knowledge about to create a more substantial piece. They?re also where I record color combinations and store clippings from magazines that have inspired me. I also use tools like rubber stamps, metal and fibers that I don?t generally use professionally. I have absolute creative freedom.

To begin keeping an art journal ?