Ala Bashir, Grace Kim and Harold Gregor

To read about Ala Bashir, Grace Kim and Harold Gregor, see the October 2006 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.


Ala Bashir

Masks Marching (oil, 35×39).

Bird in Corner (oil, 47×51).

Man’s Destiny (oil, 40×48).

Maskless Donkey (oil, 30×30).

Raven Phone (oil, 47×51).

Grace Kim

Persimmons Crown (oil, 14×20).

Gum Drop (oil, 8×10).

Juggler (oil, 12×14).

Harvest (oil, 12×17).

Summers Amour (oil, 16×20).

Harold Gregor

Rocks Hugged by Water (watercolor, 18×24).

Power of Attraction (watercolor, 18×24).

Autumn Delights (watercolor, 9×12).

Cloudy, Darkly Bright (watercolor with crayon, 18×24).

Cool Windy Day (watercolor, 9×12).

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