Web Extra: Jason Bouldin’s Studio

Artist Jason Bouldin of Oxford, Mississippi, remodeled the house next door to his own for his "ideal" studio—with the help of only two master craftsmen. In The Artist’s Magazine‘s November 2008 issue, we introduced you to Bouldin and explained the structural changes he made and how he set up his studio, its lighting and special features. Here are some additional photos of his studio, including the small-scale models he used to design it.


Photo of his balcony/library

Also the balcony/library

Two handmade scale models of the renovated structure

The inside of the model Bouldin used to test his window lighting

Kitchen (at the back of the house) that visiting guests, clients and friends can use and which Bouldin and his wife use when they entertain in the studio

Bedroom for visiting guests, clients and friends

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