Churchill’s Other Passion

“I was told by a friend that when James Abbott McNeill Whistler guided a school in Paris he made his pupils observe their model on the ground floor, and then run upstairs and paint their picture piece by piece on the floor above. As they became more proficient, he put their easels up a story higher, till at last the elite were scampering with their decision up six flights into the attic—praying it would not evaporate on the way. This is, perhaps, only a tale. But is shows effectively of what enormous importance a trained, accurate, retentive memory must be to an artist; and conversely what a useful exercise painting may be for the development of an accurate and retentive memory.”

Z. L. Feng’s painting, “Mountain Wind,” won the top award in the 2000 Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors.

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