Color Your World

Oil Renovations
Looking to breathe some life into your tired oil paints? Jack Richeson & Co.?s Shiva Artist?s Paintstik oil colors are solid oil paints in stick form, offering more versatility to artists while maintaining the techniques, mediums and surfaces used for conventional oils. They come in traditional and iridescent colors, and are sold both separately and in a variety of sets. Artist?s Paintstik oil colors are self-sealing, forming a protective film so the color won?t rub off or dry out. For more information, contact: Jack Richeson & Co. Inc., 557 Marcella St., Kimberly WI 54136. Tel: 800/233-2404. Web site:

Color Creations
If you?ve always wanted to try pastels, Derwent is offering three new pastel collections that are an ideal introduction to the medium. Presented in colorful tin boxes, all three collections include a variety of pastel pencils, pastel blocks, a water-soluble sketching pencil for creating initial designs or extra dimension, a pastel blender, a techniques leaflet and assorted accessories. The smaller collection, containing five pastel pencils and blocks, retails for $16.95. The medium pastel collection, offered at the suggested retail price of $34.95, presents a selection of 13 pastel pencils, seven blocks, and also includes a kneaded putty eraser and pastel pencil sharpener. The largest retails for $52.95 and includes 18 pastel pencils, 13 blocks, a kneaded putty eraser, a pastel pencil sharpener, a plastic eraser, paper stump and sandpaper block. For more information, contact: Derwent, P.O. Box 1396, Piscataway NJ 08855-1396. Tel: 800/445-4278.

Sketches Rejuvenated
Sketches, journals and fine-ink drawings can be rejuvenated with the new Pitt artists? pens from Faber-Castell. These acid-free India ink drawing pens come in three colors, black, sepia and sanguine, and are smudge-proof and water-resistant after drying. Pitt artists? pens are also available in four nib-widths—superfine, fine, medium and brush. For more information, contact: A.W. Faber-Castell USA Inc., 1802 Central Ave., Cleveland OH 44115. Web Site:

Penny Shrawder is an artist in South Lake Tahoe, California.

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