Crystal Moll: Taking It to the Street

Three Houses (oil, 16×46)

Whenever the sun shines, Crystal Moll can be seen on location with her canvas, brushes and oils, interpreting the urban landscape. “Painting on location gives my paintings the feel of ?being there,? allowing the viewer to enter the scene, look in the windows and acquire a sense of place and time.” Taking the city of Baltimore as her primary subject, she works on several paintings at a time, changing locations to capture the sunlight and shadow of each scene at the optimal time of day.

Two Houses (oil, 35×35)

“Complex or simple, all my paintings are produced in much the same way,” Moll says. “I work the large areas of color first, then move from back to front. And, given a choice, I work from sunlit color to shadow colors.” She also prefers to work wet-into-wet, but sometimes she?ll wait for her paint to dry a bit before adding some details and edges.

Each scene that she paints she?ll visit several times, the first time to sketch out the composition, and then, after stretching her canvas back in the studio, she?s back on the street with her painting supplies. And she?ll return as many times as it takes to get the results she wants, no matter what the season. “Working on location is the only way to capture the magic of a place,” she says. “It?s intense, and it can be a bit of a hassle, but I couldn?t do it any other way.”

Marianne Dunn received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Wesleyan College (Macon, Georgia), then studied at Parsons School of Design (New York City) before launching a career in fashion illustration in Atlanta, Georgia. Eventually, however, fine art began to beckon. As her paintings began taking awards in regional and national shows, Dunn began teaching privately as well as at the Wesleyan College Center for the Arts. Now base in Macon, Georgia, she?s represented in her home state by Abstein Gallery (Atlanta), Ocmulgee Arts (Macon) and The Left Bank Gallery (St. Simons Island). Her work is published by Editions Limited Inc., in San Francisco.

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