Downloadable Magazine CDs are on sale!

As a still relatively-new staff member of The Artist’s Magazine, this week I was trained on how to take PDFs of our magazine pages (the upcoming July/August issue to be specific) and turn them into an electronic version so that readers can have access via CDs. I didn’t realize how many cool features there were on our annual CDs until I actually began creating one.

For example, once a reader pops the disk in, s/he can click on an article from the table of contents and be taken directly to that page of the magazine on screen. Web pages that are mentioned in the print issue are hotlinked so that they can be easily clicked on for even more art instruction, references, etc. It’s even fully searchable so that one can look for specific media references. Just one more plug…I was also impressed with the beautiful quality of the images on screen; to be able to zoom in for a closer, crisp look at some of the paintings from this issue was a wonderful bonus.

So, imagine my excitement when it was announced this week that our North Light Shop opened a sale on our fine art magazine CDs – they’re up to 63% off, or as low as $10 for a full year of issues. Included in the sale are CDs of The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, and Watercolor Artist. I hope you have the opportunity to check one out!

Click here to see the full list of CDs that are on sale.

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