Great Art Moments

Sometimes artists need to remember the great times in their art careers to get through the not-so-great. Since I’ve been creating art for several years now, I can remember many special moments that made me realize that it’s all worthwhile. So, I created a list of these special moments to keep me inspired. Here’s a sampling of my list, perhaps you have a list of your own.

1 Filling a clean palette with fresh paint.

2 Realizing your casual sketch is a finished drawing.

3 Meeting a new art friend.

4 Receiving a compliment from a passerby.

5 Going back to a painting the next day and being surprised at how good it looks.

6 Discovering a new color.

7 Flipping through old sketchbooks.

8 Finding a few spontaneous hours for art.

9 Being so involved in creating art that time seems to stand still.

10 Waking up in the morning grateful for the chance to create.

Loraine Crouch is associate editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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