Handling Frisket

If you use liquid frisket while watercolor painting, you’re probably well aware of some of the drawbacks of applying the gummy solution with a brush. Not only is it hard to control, it ruins your brush for other uses.

To solve these problems, Audrey Bolin from Savannah, Georgia, suggests using a pointed palette knife as an application tool. Dip the knife tip into the liquid, and apply the frisket with either the sharp edge or the flat blade. For added precision, hold the knife below the handle, as close to the blade as possible.

Julie O’Reilly from Beaver, Oklahoma, also recommends using a size 13 crewel/embroidery needle. Simply dip the eye-end of the needle into the frisket and “draw” with the liquid on her paper. The eye acts as a reservoir and channels the frisket onto the paper. To keep the frisket flowing smoothly, occasionally wipe the eye clean with a paper towel.

Two tools to apply masking.

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