Mixed Media Encaustics by Kim Flora

Working as a preparator at the Cincinnati Art Museum gives Kim Flora daily contact with curators, an association that has enriched her understanding of all the arts. A native of Baltimore, she graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2005. She has had solo exhibitions at PAC Gallery, Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center in Cincinnati; she has exhibited her work at the Phyllis Weston Gallery (Cincinnati), Wright State University (Dayon, Ohio), the Abecedarian Gallery (Denver) and the Academy of Fine Arts (Munich). In 2008 Flora was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Cincinnati, and in 2010 she created her first limited-edition multicolor lithograph with Clay Street Press. Flora’s work is included in numerous private and public collections, including that of the Cincinnati Art Museum. Visit her website at www.kimflora.com.

To read more about Flora see the May 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the issue.

Untitled Coastline Along Highway 1 (mixed media and encaustic, 24×24)

Tiny Victory (mixed media and encaustic, 8×8)

Past Fortification and the Discovery of Universal Systems (mixed media and encaustic, 36×36)

Charm City #1, Out On a Wire (mixed media and encaustic, 24×24)

Moody Landscape at 8 Degrees (mixed media and encaustic, 8×8)


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