Mary Beth McKenzie and Cathy M. Woo

To read about Mary Beth McKenzie and Cathy M. Woo, see the September 2006 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.

Mary Beth McKenzie

Bass Player at Rest (oil, 64×48).

Self Portrait (Front Window) (oil, 46×30).

Sisters (Zsuzsa & Marcsi) (oil, 48×40).

Self Portrait (Dark Background) (oil, 16×14).

Paul (oil, 37×26).

Cathy Woo

See You There (mixed media on paper, 21×28).

Dandelion Flag (acrylic on Plexiglas, 29×29).

Moving On (acrylic on Plexiglas, 40×35).

Berry Picking (mixed media on paper, 21×28).

On My Way (acrylic on Plexiglas, 38×30).

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