On the Rise: 20 contemporary artists

To read about these 20 artists’ artwork, see the January 2004 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear with the article.

Silver Spoon (oil, 24×34) by Juliette Aristides

Portrait (oil, 58×30) by Jason Bouldin

By Arden Charles

Perception (oil, 18×24) by Travis Conrad Erion

Native New Yorker II (pastel) by Sam Goodsell

Sailboats Heading In, Nantucket (oil, 9×12) by Michael Harrell

By Russell Harris

Essentials (watercolor, 26×29) by Abby B. Lammers

In the Doorway (oil, 50×30) by Jeremy Lipking

Family Portrait (oil, 67×68) by Paul McCormack

Gary Haines (oil, 28×22) by Michael Shane Neal

Resting (pastel, 36×24) by Alain Picard

Daily Fare (watercolor, 26×26) by Tom Ratliffe

Southwest Bartletts (oil, 18×14) by Scott B. Royston

The Citadel (mixed watermedia, 30×22) by Peggy Shaifer

Tennessee Morn (pastel, 16×16) by Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Chinese Vase and Scroll (oil, 18×14) by Zimou Lawrence Tan

Untitled (oil, 36×24) by Dan Thompson

Summer Still Life (oil, 12×16) by Gretchen Huber Warren

The Peeking Monk (watercolor, 14 1/2×22) by Suzanna Reese Winton

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