Paint With Dots

Texture can be a powerful component in a painting. Viewers remember the paintings of Vincent van Gogh as much for their texture as for their color and subject matter. Those heavy, rhythmic strokes of paint give us great insight into the intense feelings of the artist.

In your next painting, try combining texture and color by painting it only with dots, as I have in Pear (pastel, 15×17). Just as with any other application of paint, you have to remain aware of which are the light and dark areas, and which are the warm and cool areas. It?s possible to paint a full composition just with dots. From a distance the forms appear to be solid color, but up close the surface sparkles.

With undergraduate and graduate degrees from St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin?Madison, Scott Zupanc made his living as a teacher for many years; now he does freelance carpentry so that he can spend most of his time with nature?painting in a farmhouse near Spring Green, Wisconsin, or in a cabin “up north.” “I look forward to painting whatever needs to be painted. I’ve always had an interest in doing prints, and I’m waiting for that possibility to happen,” says Zupanc, who for the second year in a row has won the Kenneth M. Shuck Memorial Award in the Watercolor USA Honor Society annual exhibition.

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