Plan Your Life Creatively

We can tap into our ability to daydream and use our powers of intuition and imagination to design the life we’ve always wanted. The key is to get your dreams out of your head and into some form where you’ll see them on a regular basis. This will keep you focused, motivated and excited. Here are just a few ways you can take a vague idea of what you want from your personal, professional and artistic life and turn it into something visual and tangible.

  1. Write a poem or song using all of your dreams and desires and record it or sing it to yourself while in your car.
  2. Create a collage that incorporates images and words that inspire you.
  3. Make a mind map by writing your main goal in the middle of the page and branching out to your subordinate goals.
  4. Turn your main goals into an affirmation that you write out at least twice every morning.
  5. Interview yourself as if you already have all you desire and describe what your life is like in an article.
  6. Create a blueprint of your perfect studio.

Kate Mesch is an assistant editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

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