Studio Tour Extra: Sandra Sallin

Sandra Sallin paints luminous florals in her Hollywood Hills studio, a renovated garage/carport. In the September 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, we gave you a tour of her studio. You can see some extra photos below.

This view of Sallin’s studio shows the outside of her remodeled
 carport/garage, including the two pyramid-shaped skylights.

Sallin calls her Magni-Viewer, which she bought years ago
through an ad in an art magazine, an “invaluable tool.”


With her Magni-Viewer, she can look through a lens at a
 slide (placed in a holding clip) and see the magnified
details of her original photograph.

This Euro-style taboret made by Neolt in Italy,
with its many storage crannies, keeps Sallin’s
pencils, graphite and erasers readily available
while she’s at her drawing table.

Another view of Sallin using a different magnifying glass
attached to a flexible arm.

Sallin keeps all her framing tools on top of her flat file,
which sits beneath her gesso table.

Another view of Sallin’s gesso table and supplies.

Here’s a better view of Sallin’s organized closet
with her business supplies and promotional materials.

Sallin says her clogs are very important to her physical
comfort while painting: “I find them indispensable when
I’m standing at my easel.” You can find them at

To see some of the artist’s luminous floral paintings, click here.

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