Seize the Day!

Stop whatever you?re so engrossed in and take advantage of the moment. Whether you?re running errands after work or cleaning the house, take a look around and see what kind of artistic inspiration is right under your nose.

Recently I had an unexpected snowstorm in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Schools were called off and all the neighborhood kids spent the day sledding, throwing snowballs, making snowmen and, in general, enjoying the snow. This beautiful day reminded me of a similar one a couple years ago, which inspired me to paint one of my favorite paintings, Snow Day (at right). I made the painting into a holiday card, and it?s always very popular among friends and family. The message says, “May your holidays be filled with as much fun as a snow day for an 8-year-old.”

To me, a snow day is the epitome of pure fun. What allowed me to capture that moment was the act of putting aside whatever I had scheduled on my “To Do” list that day and capturing that scene. I knew that I?d never have that exact opportunity again.

Trust me. You won?t regret it. Seize the day!

Mian Situ received his art education at the Guandong Institute of Fine Arts in Guandong, China, and has spent a great deal of time studying the everyday lives of people in rural China with the intent of preserving the traditional ways of life and dress that are slowly vanishing. Situ moved to the United States in 1987, then lived for several years in Canada. A major breakthrough came in 1995 when he was awarded Best of Show in the Oil Painters of America?s national juried exhibition. Two years later, Situ returned to the United States. He now lives in San Dimas, California, and is represented by the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, Texas.

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