Selecting Your Surface

Meet Your Needs
With their high-performance papers mounted onto boards, Reeves introduces surfaces designed for your specific medium?watercolor, acrylic and oil. Watercolor artists will love the board-mounted watercolor paper that eliminates the need to stretch paper. Acrylic painters can apply thick applications of color easily to the canvas-textured acrylic painting board while the authentic canvas feel of the oil painting boards is ideal for use with heavy layers of oil. Watercolor boards are available in packs of three (9×12 and 11×14), which sell for $6.95 and $9.95, respectively. Acrylic and oil painting boards come in packs of five (9×12 and 11×14) and retail for $6.95 and $9.95, respectively. For more information, contact: Reeves, P.O. Box 1396, Piscataway NJ 08855. Tel: 800/445-4278.

Go Digital
With Schoellershammer digital fine art paper No. 10, you can get archival, professional quality giclee prints and reproductions of your work. The 100-percent cotton, acid-free paper is also easy to use for a range of desktop applications, from self-publication of artwork, to printing digital photos, to making cards and more. Available in velvet and linen finish, the paper comes in a variety of sheet or roll sizes. Prices start at $34.50 for 25 8-1/2×11 sheets. For more information, contact: CTI Paper USA Inc., 1535 Corporate Center Dr., Sun Prairie WI 53590. Fax: 608/834.9800.

Protect Yourself
Protect your art from cracked paint by choosing a support that’s built to last. Art Boards art panels protect your artwork from damage, caused by the flexing and cracking of paint films. Their solid structure also prevents the surface from being accidentally dented, torn or damaged by mishandling. The firm, consistent surface is perfect for smooth blending of colors, fine brushwork and minute detail. All Art Boards are presanded and ready for gesso, or mounted with paper or canvas ready to paint. All panels are made to securely mount flush to the wall and hang on a single screw or nail without the need of frames. The rigid surface is perfect for all painting media, including collage, oils, acrylics, egg tempera, encaustic, watercolor, icon painting and mounting prints and works on paper. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications for all your drawing and painting needs. Art Boards start at $5.82 and range in stock sizes from 4×4 to 18×24. Custom sizes are also available as large as 48×96 in all panel styles. For more information, contact: Art Boards, 612 Degraw St., Brooklyn NY 11217. Tel: 718/237-2592 or 800/546-7985. Web site:

Butch Krieger, of Port Angeles, Washington, is a contributing editor for The Artist?s Magazine.

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