Sketchbook blog roundup!

Happy November, everybody! It’s hard to believe there are only two months left in 2007. Anybody got any resolutions they’re scrambling to finish? I resolved to read 50 books this year—so far I’m up to 36. There’s still time!

Anyway, today I’ve got some great links for you: sketchbook blogs from great illustrators/artists! Some of these are updated more frequently than others, but all of them are inspiring to look at.

• German designer Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel puts up sketchbook scans on her Flickr page. She uses a mix of marker, paint, stamps and collage to document day-to-day kinds of things in her Moleskines.

• Wil Freeborn also puts up scans of his Moleskines at I love his style and use of minimal color.

Danny Gregory (who drew the picture above) updates his “overgrown blog” with sketches and other observations. (A directory of all posts relating to journaling is here.) He wrote a book called Everyday Matters about his recent entry into art: His wife was nearly killed in a train accident, and drawing became his way of understanding the world. (There’s also a very active Everyday Matters pool on Flickr.)

Man, I wish I had my sketchbook here right now!

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