Splendid over 60

To read more about these artists, see the March 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.

Chartwell (oil, 40×60) by Sandra Sallin

Vern 6 (watercolor, 22×30) by Myrna Wacknov

Commuters (oil, 12×12) by Jann Bass

Rolling R.R. Bridge (watercolor, 22×36) by Donald Stoltenberg

Ace (pencil, 12×8) by James M. Mullen

21st Century Totem (mixed media, 22×30) by George M. Clark

Afternoon Shadows (watercolor, 13×18 3/8) by Lewis J. Wallace

Turbulance 2 (oil, 42×34) by Jerry Coulter

To Greener Pastures (watercolor, 14×28) by Dale E. Ziegler

Dreams (acrylic, 15×21) by Margery Caggiano

In My Father’s House are Many Mansions (acrylic, 16×20) by Nancy Kiehne

Skatekey (watercolor, 12×16) by Jon Rader Jarvis

Homage to Hopper (colored pencil, 19×31) by Robert Guthrie

Blue Mountain Bales (acrylic, 36×48) by Don Tiller

Man in Blue Shirt (oil, 20×24) by Blanche Fried

Border Patrol (mixed media with collage, 20×20) by Beverly Spitzer

Barnyard Shenanigans (pastel, 22×17) by Colleen Paul Horner

Nam (acrylic, 32×24) by Jim Beukelaer

Goody Boy Drive-In acrylic, 22×28) by James O’Malley

Self Portrait I (oil, 14×11) by Robert Brickhouse

With Red & Green (acrylic, 60×48) by Joe Fay

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