Studio Lighting Suppliers and Resources

Below are some resources suggested to Koo Schadler by fellow painters. Several of the websites have helpful articles on light and lighting, and most companies are willing to discuss technical issues over the phone.

Companies specializing in full-spectrum lighting:

BlueMax Lighting:, 888/574-7014

Daylight:, 866/329-5444

Full Spectrum Solutions:, 888/574-7014

Lumiram Electric Corporation:, 800/354-1044

Ott-Lite Technology:, 800/842-8848

Verilux:, 888/544-4865

Duro-Test (Vita-Lite):, 800/289-3876

Companies that sell an array of lights and fixtures:

Betterbulbs:, 301/512-0340

1000 Bulbs:, 800/624-4488

Sylvania:, 978/777-1900

Websites with explanations of lighting principles and terms: Click on the “Lighting and Daylighting” section. This is the website for Saturn Resource Management, a private company that works on energy conservation. They offer concise, helpful writings on lighting.

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