The Artist’s Magazine December 2011 Online Table of Contents

Letter from the editor:

“The Old Year’s gone away/To nothingness and night”: so the poet John Clare declared in 1867. As our own old year fades, we celebrate what’s new—the 30 winners of our 28th annual art competition, which attracted more than 7,000 entries of exceptional merit. To see the works that won awards and to read about the artists who created them, read “The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition,” in our December issue. Click here to see works by our distinguished judges—Dawn Emerson, Nava Grunfeld, Robert Liberace, Richard McKinley and Jonathan Talbot—and to read their assessments of the works they gave awards to.

Lessons in craft, as usual, are part of this issue, too. Ian Roberts shows you how to impose a vertical line to enliven a horizontal composition (“Find the Vertical”), and Jim Phalen shares a triangulation exercise that will help you translate the three dimensions that you see into the two dimensions that a picture plane provides (Drawing Board). Jerry N. Weiss pays tribute to Thomas Eakins’s Gross Clinic, now enshrined as a masterwork, but first exhibited not in the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition but in a hospital nearby (Master Class).

As exemplified by that story, rejection is a part of any artist’s life, but so, thankfully, is celebration. Congratulations to the winners and finalists! And thanks to all who entered the contest for showing your work to us. As we’re never more aware than when judging our competitions, The Artist’s Magazine isn’t only a publication, but also a community. We’re grateful to you for sharing your works and for writing us letters, and we’re especially grateful if you’re a subscriber! Check out our new VIP Program, which offers, along with a subscription to our magazine, other goodies such as a trial subscription to Indeed, as the poet Dorothy Wordsworth put it, winter “hath gladsome gardens of his own.”

Maureen Bloomfield

Browse these bonus online articles from the December 2011 issue of The Artists Magazine.

The Jurors of the 28th Annual Art Competition
Read the jurors’ biographies, see examples of their work, and learn their reasons for awarding the first prize in each category.

Winners of the 27th Annual Art Competition
Check out the dazzling winners of last year’s competition.

Painting with Alkyds En Plein Air
Follow a step-by-step demonstration on painting outdoors with alkyds by this month’s Brushing Up author, Michael Chesley Johnson.

More Lessons in Design by Ian Roberts
Learn more about the principles of design in this Brushing Up column.
• Books by Ian Roberts: (1) Mastering Composition: Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Painting  (2) Creative Authenticity: 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision

More Work by Lea Colie Wight
Read a feature article on the gorgeous work of second place winner (portrait/figure), Lea Colie Wight.

Paintings by Jim Phalen
See and learn about the austerely beautiful work by the author of this issue’s Drawing Board column.

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