The Artist’s Magazine November 2011 Online Table of Contents

Letter from the editor:

The poet sends a rose to his beloved; with this issue, we send a garland of roses to you. For Colin Berry, whose renderings of roses appear here and on the cover, the rose is an edifice, almost marmoreal. Berry loves “the shapes of the petals, how they fold over one another, how they twist in space and catch the light.” Jimmy Wright, in contrast, sees ephemerality, the rose on its way to dissolution. Wright’s radiant obsession is time, which historically the rose is an emblem of. See how Dana Levin, Birgit O’Connor and Sandra Sallin, along with Berry and Wright, reinterpret the favorite subject of Henri Fantin-Latour and Édouard Manet in “Gather Ye Rosebuds.”

To offset the November drears, we offer, along with roses, birds, rendered with exquisite simplicity by Chris Bacon (“Reflection Takes Wing”), and the bright portraits and expressive still lifes of Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco (“Observations and Illusions”). Joyful, too, are Beth Krommes’s scratchboard drawings that become luminous illustrations for children’s books (“Scratching the Surface”). And seeing past blank white, Peter Fiore imparts a lesson in adjusting color temperature when painting snow (Brushing Up). Finally, we loved putting together “Tools That Are Tried-and-True,” which started when we asked some of our favorite artists to tell us what tools they couldn’t do without. What followed was a veritable bouquet—photographs and tips that are zany, practical, inventive and fun—that you’re sure to enjoy and learn from.
Maureen Bloomfield

Browse these bonus online articles from the November 2011 issue of The Artists Magazine.

Observations and Illustrations: Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
• Composition pointers for portraits: See another excerpt from Rosselli Del Turco’s blog, in which she explains how to create balance in a portrait by using a geometric substructure.
View Rosselli Del Turco’s masterly oil portraits of children.

Scratching the Surface: Beth Krommes
Study a Storyboard: Take a look at the actual storyboard for the Caldecott-Award-winning House in the Night, illustrated by Krommes.
See more of Krommes’s whimsical drawings on scratchboard.

Reflection Takes Wing: Chris Bacon
View Bacon’s beautiful birds in watercolor on paper.

Drawing Board
Architect Laurin McCracken’s perspective illustrations.
Download the June 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine to read the feature article about McCracken and his techniques for drawing accurate and interesting buildings.

Brushing Up
Step-by-Step Landscape Demonstration: Follow along as Peter Fiore demonstrates his focused alla prima technique while completing a painting in 48 hours.


Ask the Experts
James Toogood, this issue’s Ask the Experts columnist, offers friendly instruction in a preview to his video, Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor.
• Have legal or technical art-related questions? E-mail us at with “Ask the Experts” as the subject line.

Supply Cabinet
• What’s the newest product you’ve discovered that others should know about? Tell us! If we use your suggestion, you’ll get a free one-year subscription to The Artist’s Magazine. Simply e-mail

Competition Spotlight
Winners of the 27th Annual Art Competition

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