The Artist’s Magazine’s January/February 2012 Online Table of Contents

Letter from the editor:

A devout reader, as a child I fell in love with the work of Will Barnet, who often depicted children reading. The encounter between the reader and the book is a variation on another theme that recurs in Barnet’s work: the skein-like interdependence of generations, delicately staged in the picture below. Barnet, celebrating his 100th birthday, is the subject of a retrospective at New York’s National Academy of Design Museum. We’re thrilled that, with Jerry N. Weiss’s article “In Balance,” we join in the fanfare.

In this jam-packed issue, you’ll also find Robert Barrett’s lessons for drawing drapery (“Anatomy of a Fold,” and Sadie J. Valeri’s strategy for checking the symmetry of vases (Drawing Board). Karen Anne Klein describes how to apply colored pencil on top of watercolor (“Fantastic Gardens”); George James explains how he designs at the same time he improvises with watercolor on Yupo (“Floating and In Flux”); and Ted Polomis compares his steps in painting a still life to completing a jigsaw puzzle (“Luminous Illusion”). Finally, in keeping with the season, we polled William Hosner, Colleen Howe, T. Allen Lawson, Bill Teitsworth and Stephen Quiller (whose stunning View from the Air graces our cover) for tips on painting the quintessential winter landscape (“Let It Snow!”). We certainly hope you enjoy this issue you have in your hands, and check out all the free, extra articles we’ve planned for you here. —Maureen Bloomfield

Browse these bonus online articles from the January/February 2012 issue of The Artists Magazine.

Peter Fiore: Tips for Painting Snow Scenes
Fiore shows you how to see and adjust color temperatures when painting a winter landscape in oil.
See landscape paintings by Fiore.

George James: Floating and In Flux
See more paintings of transparent watercolor on the synthetic surface Yupo.

Karen Anne Klein: Fantastic Gardens
Find more examples of watercolor washes as an underlayer for colored pencil.

Step-by-Step Demo: Drawing an Ellipse
Learn from Sadie Valeri’s detailed instruction on drawing the ellipse.
Learn more about how Valeri constructs her preliminary still life drawings and about her drawing and painting processes in our October 2011 issue.

The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition
Take a look at the pictures and read about the artists who won awards in this year’s competition.

Will Barnet: In Balance
View compelling prints and paintings by this master of design.

Ask the Experts
Leonard D. DuBoff answers questions from readers about copyright, fair use, copying photos, photo releases and other legal topics pertaining to artists.

Business | Granting Your Wish
See several works that JoEllen Reinhardt painted with support of the WAC grant.

Competition Spotlight
• Aaron Morgan Brown’s painting, Signals, was a finalist in our 28th Annual Art Competition. His work was also featured in the April 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine; click here to view a gallery of some of his work.
View the winning paintings of the 28th Annual Art Competition.

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