Complete Guide to Selling Your Art Online

A strong online presence is absolutely necessary for today’s artists.
This compilation of five articles from The Artist’s Magazine is your must-have information-packed guide to marketing your art on the Web!

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Here are some of the highlights in this handy ebook:

Setting up your site
• Domain name registrars
• Costs for creating a website
• Photographing and sizing digital images
• Joining a virtual gallery

Using digital photography
• Which cameras and scanners to buy
• The best photo-editing software
• Setting up shots and adjusting images

Driving people to your site
• Exchanging links to keep visitors coming back
• Using search engines and metatags
• Joining online communities
• Posting on free sites
• Starting an e-mail list, newsletter and blog

A look at the best artists’ websites
• What you should ask of a Web designer
• Claiming your domain
• Promoting your website
• Selling your art online

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