Wendy Hollender: Colored Pencil Botanicals

Illustrations by Wendy Hollender have graced the pages of publications such as Country Living and Horticulture magazines and the Missouri Botanical Garden scientific journal Novon. She’s a featured artist in the book Today’s Botanical Artists, by Cora B. Marcus and Libby Kyer, and has self-published her own book, Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide (click here to see sample pages). She has also bought a farm in Ulster County, New York, where she hopes to begin holding workshops during the 2009 fall harvest. Students will not only study and draw the living plants, fruits (grown by her son) and by-products but will also enjoy sampling their culinary possibilities (prepared by her daughter). For more information about her botanicals and workshops, visit www.whartdesign.com.

To read more about Hollender, see the September 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the article.

Magnolia grandiflora (Cognac Magnolia) (colored pencil, 16×12)

Querus palustris (Pin Oak Acorns) (colored pencil, 16×12)

Chrysanthemum (Kiku Chrysanthemum) (colored pencil, 9×12)

Pyrus communis (Mineola Pears) (colored pencil, 12×9)

Stachyurus praecox (Stachyurus) (colored pencil, 12×16)

Alpinia speciosa, Shell Ginger (colored pencil, 16×12)



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