William Borden: Of Time and Texture

For me there’s a unique beauty to be found in the weathered textures, colors and shapes of that rusting hulk on the back lot. There’s also a quiety dignity and a touch of mystery in their unknown history.

Chain Drive (watercolor, 20-1/2×29)

Creating an exact representation of the subject is of no interest to me—it’s only a starting point. I’m happy to simplify, modify, add or eliminate shapes if it improves the composition.

Some good colors for creating weathered metal are manganese blue, raw umber and cobalt green. One of my favorite color combinations involves cerulean blue&#151a sedimentary color—and brown madder. These colors combine to produce a very cold metallic feel.

Duplex on 2nd (watercolor, 11×15)

When I reach the point that I feel the painting is finished, I set it aside for a few days, then go back and look at it again. I’ll also look at it upside down and on its side. There are usually a few final adjustments to be made. Only after it has passed this final test is it ready to go out and meet the world.

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