100 Reasons to Celebrate | Announcing the Winners of the 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

Pastel-100-WH-600-headerEvery year, as we immerse ourselves in the 2,500+ entries in the Pastel 100, we are completely awestruck by the exceptional skill, artistic virtuosity and unlimited creativity we see. At the end of the day, and with the help of our five category jurors, we have to narrow the entries to 100, and wow, is that tough. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the names of the artists whose pastel works make up our latest Pastel 100!

My Pastel Journal teammates and I are now working hard to put together the showcase issue which includes reproductions of all 100 exceptional pastels as well as profiles of the prizewinning artists. The April 2014 issue will hit newsstands next year in early March and will mail to subscribers in late February. (If you’re not already a Pastel Journal subscriber, click here to subscribe today, and make sure you don’t miss this issue).

A special thanks goes out to this year’s generous prize sponsors: Jack Richeson, Inc., Canson/Rembrandt, Great American Artworks, Terry Ludwig pastels, PanPastels, and UART. We are also enormously grateful to our esteemed category jurors for their dedicated work: Clark Mitchell (Landscape/Interior), Deborah Bays (Still Life/Floral), Sally Strand (Portrait/Figure), Steve Morvell (Animal/Wildlife) and Jeannette Hayes (Abstract/Non-Objective). I think you’ve generated a most inspiring 100!

Congratulations to all!

—Anne Hevener, Editor-in-Chief


Pastel Journal Best of Show

David Wells


The Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastel Prize

Helen Kleczynski


Pastel Journal Gold

Ray Hassard


Pastel Journal Silver

Peter Seltzer


Pastel Journal Bronze

Jennifer Evenhus


Landscape & Interior Place Winners

1. Elizabeth Ganji

2. Andrew McDermott

3. Stan Bloomfield

4. Margi Lucena

5. Mar garet Evans


Landscape & Interior Honorable Mentions

Lijing Yang

Clarence Porter

Judy Evans

Lyn Asselta

Patricia Meras

J. Kay Gordon

Anna Wainright

Jill Stefani Wagner

Christine Debrosky

Julia Lesnichy

Jane Ditri

Nancie King Mertz

Barbara Jaenicke

Mike Barret Kolasinski

M. Katherine Hurley

Dug Waggoner

Shireesh Dharap

Kathryn Hall

Karen Suponski

Jude Valentine

Tom Christopher

Sandy Byers

Don Williams

Linda Mutti

Jeanne Rosier Smith

Jennifer L. Hoffman

Janis Ellison

Kathleen Newman


Portrait & Figure Place Winners

1. Cuong Nguyen

2. Christine Swann

3. Jane Radstrom

4. Carolyn Robles

5. Claudia Post


Portrait & Figure Honorable Mentions

Trilby Wood

Gwenneth Barth-White

Bill Shaffer

Kath Dunne

Claudia Post

Sonja A. Kever

Fang Lian

Glen Maxion

John Philbin Dolan

Svetlana Cameron

Alain J. Picard

Sandy Bonney

Amanda Harrison

Cuong Nguyen


Still Life & Floral Place Winners

1. Roberta Combs

2. Lisa Ober

3. Kathy Hildebrandt

4. Don Williams

5. Helen Kleczynski


Still Life & Floral Honorable Mentions

Jane Willis Taylor

Kari Tirrell

Nancie King Mertz

Mike Beeman

Margaret Williams-McGowan

Merethe Torbergsen

Barbara Mason

Aurelio Rodriguez López


Animal & Wildlife Place Winners

1. Sue Gombus

2. Susan Lampinen

3. Karen Israel

4. Elena Kukushkina

5. Patsy Lindamood


Animal & Wildlife Honorable Mentions

Yael Maimon

Steffi Decker

Dennis Linn

Nancy Bozeman

Nancy Nowak

Penny Soto

Resa Grogan

Margaret Williams-McGowan

Sharon Bamber


Abstract & Non-Objective Place Winners

1. Arlene Richman

2. Victoria Ryan

3. Barbara Szkutnik

4. Jennifer Evenhus

5. Genady Arkhipau


Abstract & Non-Objective Honorable Mentions

Debora Stewart

Marcia Holmes

Jean Dalton

Pat Ross Marx


Please note: Because some artists had more than one entry receive recognition, the total number of names listed does not equal 100. Also, the number of honorable mentions per category was determined by the number of entries in the category and adjusted to reflect similar ratios. For example, the Landscape + Interior category received the most entries, and includes the highest number of honorable mentions.


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