Extra Extra

One way to get stunning paintings on the blog—and straight to you—is to recognize the recent achivements of some of our most treasured PJ contributors:

Pastel artist Jimmy Wright, (a fond member of our Editorial Advisory Board), is exhibiting in tandem with Milwaukee painter Mark Mulhern at the Corbett vs. Dempsey gallery in Chicago. The show, which opens this Friday and runs through September 2, 2007, will feature paintings and monotypes from both artists.  Wright’s contributions to the show will include a selection from “the lost women,” small watercolors that the artist painted in the late 60s. (The counterpoints to these paintings in oil were destroyed in a fire.) If you know Wright only for his pastel paintings of sunflowers, once memorably described by The New Yorker as “passionately unkempt,” you may be in for a bit of a surprise. See Airport (1972; acrylic on canvas, 48×60) above.

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