Pastel Artist Robin Sheard Nyikos | The Figure in the Outdoors

“Robin Sheard Nyikos paints pastel portraits and still lifes that brilliantly combine richly layered surfaces with great clarity of form,” says arts writer John A. Parks. “Juxtaposing the patterns of exotic fabrics with delicately nuanced descriptions of flesh, her paintings present a world that’s delightfully varied, pleasingly sensual and always engaging.” To read more about Nyikos’ work, techniques and the intriguing narratives she weaves into her paintings, check out the August 2014 issue of Pastel Journal.

Most of the artist’s figural work is portraiture, painted within an interior setting or in front of a simple backdrop, but here, you can see how Nyikos is also interested in the figure set amidst an outdoor environment:


The Loons Call (pastel, 18×25) by Robin Sheard Nyikos


Campfire Marshmallows (pastel, 20×25) by Robin Sheard Nyikos



Fuzzy Dog (pastel, 27×27) by Robin Sheard Nyikos





















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