Pastel Picks of the Week | Three New Pastel Shows

There are so many pastel goings-on this week, I can’t pick just one. Here are three notable new shows that are turning a spotlight on pastel:

Kim Novak: Pastel Paintings | May 04 – Jun 29, 2014

The Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown, Ohio

This exhibition showcases 27 works by the legendary film actress, who—since retiring from show business—has devoted a great deal of time to painting works of art in pastel and watercolor. The show includes portraits, interiors and landscapes inspired by spirituality, nature and the artist’s imaginative inner world.


In the Canyons of My Mind (Pastel) by Kim Novak

Movement and Stillness | April 21, 2014 – May 12, 2014

InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas

This three-woman show focuses on the work of artists Denise LaRue Mahlke, Michelle Dunaway and Susan Lyon with work in pastel, charcoal and oil. According to the gallery’s website, “These are three artists who consistently capture the meandering movement and quiet stillness that provide a backdrop for moments in our lives.”


Communion (pastel, 20×32) by D. LaRue Mahlke


Purely Pastel: Random Acts of Beauty, M. Katherine Hurley | May 9-June 7, 2014

5th Street Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

This new show celebrates a 
series of pastel landscapes that reveal the pure 
joy of unanticipated beauty. According to the website: “During her recent travels, Hurley was surprised and 
enchanted by the unexpected beauty that she was moving through—the small, quick glimpses that startle us into awareness of the
moment. This experience also opened her vision in a new
way to the local familiar landscapes that she loves.”


Purple Mountain Majesty (pastel) by M. Katherine Hurley








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