Great Gifts Under $25 | Six Must-Have Videos for the Pastel Artist

6 top videos for pastel artists

6 top videos for pastel artists

Check out any of these art instructional DVDs (created by the folks at as gift ideas for your favorite pastel artist friends:

Richard McKinley: Bold Underpainting for Lively Pastel Landscapes

Learn how to use underpainting techniques to set up a pastel painting with exciting results! Follow along as McKinley demonstrates a wide variety of methods—pastel, watercolor (as well as other wet media) and thin oil paint applications.

Richard McKinley:Three Stages for Successful Pastel Paintings

Break up your paintings into three stages—sensitivity (concept), serendipity (underpainting) and solve (response and resolution)—to focus your paintings for beautiful results. After a review of materials, McKinley takes you through the three stages as he paints a lush canal scene. Helpful charts and gorgeous finished examples are shown throughout for added instruction and inspiration.

Maggie Price: Painting From Photos

Follow along as Price completes a pastel landscape from start to finish, demonstrating not only the painting techniques, but how your photos can best portray your subjects. You’ll also see how to overcome typical photographical flaws(such as issues with value, color, perspective and clutter) so you can learn to use your favorite photos to create beautiful paintings.

Maggie Price: Capture the Values of Sunlight + Shadows

Here Price shows you how to create an underpainting “road map” of values and temperatures that will lead to a beautiful final painting, strong in value structure and flooded with sunlight. Follow along as she paints a landscape filled with light and shadow, from initial composition, to underpainting, to layers of local color, instructing how to achieve a vibrant finished result at every step of the painting process.

Colleen K. Howe: Color Harmony for Luminous Pastels

In this workshop, Howe demystifies the potentially overwhelming range of color possibilities so that you can make the best choices for vibrant, clean color with pastels. Follow along as she paints a landscape from start to finish, showing you how to manipulate color that captures your personal preference, the mood for the painting and your overall intent. Along the way you’ll learn tips on color characteristics, composition, underpainting with wet media, layering color, using edges to lead the eye, and more.

Colleen K. Howe: Color and Value for Successful Pastels

In this workshop, Howe shows how making good choices at the beginning of the painting process will lead to great paintings! Follow along with exercises on how to make a powerful composition. Learn about typical landscape values and practice a variety of value combinations to explore which arrangements make maximum impact. Find out what will wow your viewers as you create several color studies. Then develop these value and color studies into a stunning finished landscape painting, step by step.

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